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Emini Day Trading: Groundhog Day

Published: 17 June 2014

Well that's more like it. Some decent volume, range and volatility on the Emini, Monday and Tuesday. What was bizarre was that both days were almost identical - similar daily pattern (rally, test, rally) and similar Highs and Lows. Even my day trades were almost identical.

Tomorrow we've got FOMC - so the usual shenanigans. Remember, if you can't pick off a decent trade in the first 45 minutes then beware. It goes quiet into the announcement (danger, danger) and then all hell breaks loose. I'm going to be very picky with any trading.

And wasn't Brad Katsuyama of IEX brilliant at the Senate hearing today. I'll try and find some good video clips to share. By contrast, I cringed every time a Senator opened their mouth. They just show their ignorance of the issues. Embarrassing.

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Good luck with your Emini trading tomorrow.

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